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The Journal of the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators (JTABSE) was established to provide critical insight into research related to minority students in both higher education and PK – 12 settings. This journal serves as an essential tool for reaching a broad audience in hopes of effectuating positive change throughout the state and nation. As a peer-reviewed research publication, JTABSE addresses a variety of topics that relate to the education of minority students. It is our hope that the JTABSE will become an essential resource for practitioners, leaders, and scholars seeking to improve or enhance their educational practices.

The next edition of JTABSE, Volume 6,  will be available in Fall 2021. The theme for this issue is The Global Pandemic – COVID-19: An Unprecedented Impact on Student Learning During Times of Uncertainty. We are currently accepting manuscripts for review. Manuscripts will be accepted until  May 1, 2021.

Manuscript guidelines are as follows:

  • Submissions should be 4,000 to 5,000 words in length, including references.
  • All articles must adhere to the latest APA formatting guidelines.
  • Two manuscript copies must be submitted: one complete with all relevant contact information for each author, including institution of affiliation, and a second copy with all author information removed (blind copy).
  • All manuscripts will be subject to a double-blind review.
  • All authors will be required to review at least one manuscript.
  • Manuscripts should not be under consideration for publication or submitted for publication, while under review.

Please send an electronic copy of your manuscript to Dr. Toron Wooldridge or Dr. Detra D. Johnson at [email protected].

As a peer-reviewed journal, we periodically screen for scholarly reviewers. If you are interested in being a reviewer, please contact Dr. Toron Wooldridge or Dr. Detra D. Johnson at  [email protected]. We ask that reviewers currently hold a doctoral degree, demonstrate knowledge related to the subject matter being reviewed, and have experience in the use of current APA style guidelines.

Thank you for your continued support of the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators.

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