Greetings TABSE Family!

It is my distinct honor to serve as the 14th president of the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators, the largest affiliate in the National Alliance. I stand on the shoulders of extraordinary founders and past presidents and salute them as several have invested golden nuggets in me.

As president, my vision is for TABSE to SOAR (Sustaining Opportunities and Access for Results). Past leaders built a foundation and magnificent house for which we dwell. We must celebrate their brilliance and great work, and take TABE to the next level. We can achieve this by SOARing to a clear destination—the Dignity of Black Lives! The dignity of Black and Brown students and the never-ending achievement gaps they face year after year. The dignity of Black and Brown educators and the disrespect they endure. The dignity of Black and Brown administrators, central office leaders, superintendents, and school board members, and the scrutiny they learn to exist with just to do their jobs. The dignity of our Black and Brown legislators and other politicians, as they constantly fight to make policies that promote the Dignity of Black Lives. We see such little regard for our dignity at times…from parents, community leaders, law enforcement, the legislature; and sometimes from each other.

TABSE Family, we need a laser focus on establishing, restoring, or achieving the dignity of black lives. We will SOAR together with three steps:

  • Step 1 – Relaunch Team TABSE
  • Step 2 – Expand Affiliate Membership & Build Capacity for Affiliate Leadership
  • Step 3 – Increase understanding and integration of the Tri-Agency (K-12 Education, Higher Education, and Workforce Commission).

So TABSE, as the 14th President of this noble organization, I need you! I need you to be the salt of this earth and guide us towards the greatness God has in store. I need each of you to work in unison and harmony to once and for all, accomplish the Dignity of Black Lives. May God bless you each of you, and may He bless the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators. Let’s go to work and SOAR together!!



Dr. Christopher Pichon
TABSE President, 2023-2025

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