Dr. Davis Harris

Greetings TABSE Family,

It is imperative that every one of us, each member of this family, strive to continue our great work and organizational mission, especially in this time of uncertainty. As educators, we have been once again called upon to be the stabilizing force in this world as we continue to face the unprecedented challenges of today.

We are much more than just educators. We are innovators, creators, and sustainers. Already many of our affiliates, members, and partners statewide have started creating community-friendly lessons and activities so that parents, students, and their families can continue the learning process. While there are plenty of resources available to assist during this time, very few genuinely grasp precisely what our children truly need to grow and develop.

As we navigate these new challenges, I am calling on you to share your talents and your resources as we begin the development of our own education platform, the TABSE EdHub. It will be a one-stop site loaded with all the content and resources that will meet the needs of our children. From academics to social, emotional learning, we will continue to share effective and research-based pedagogy and content that provides a positive impact for the communities in which we serve. 

I know I do not have to impress upon you the importance of why our scholars cannot afford to waste any time in educational development. Please join me as we continue to create equity in education for all students. 

Please submit your content here: TABSE EdHub Submission Form 

Always #TABSEStrong,
Dr. David Harris, President

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