Dr. David Bowick

Dr. David Bowick

1987 – 1988
Dr. Joseph Drayton

*Dr. Joseph Drayton

1988 – 1994
Dr. Gwen Morrison

Dr. Gwen Morrison

1994 – 1999
Dr. Jay Cummings

Dr. Jay Cummings

1999 – 2001
Ms Althea Cooper

Mrs. Althea Cartman Cooper

2001 – 2004
Dr. Carrol A. Thomas

Dr. Carrol A. Thomas

2004 – 2006
Dr. Mary A. Thomas

Dr. Mary L. Thomas

2006 – 2008
Dr. Dennis Dunkins

*Dr. Dennis Dunkins

2008 – 2010
Dr. Alease Elaine Bailey

*Dr. Alease Elaine Bailey

2010 – 2012
John Washington

Mr. John W. Washington

2012 – 2014
Dr Michael D McFarland

Dr. Michael D. McFarland

2014 – 2017
Dr. Kimberly McLeod

Dr. Kimberly McLeod

2017 - 2020
Dr. Davis Harris

Dr. David Harris

2020 - Present


Grand Canyon University has an exciting new program available online with a one night per week, virtual classroom! Earn your master’s degree in mathematics for higher education and study analysis, algebra, mathematical modeling, technology as a practical application and adult learning theory.

In addition to teaching at universities and colleges, graduates can teach at vocational schools or work in educational research.

This unique program includes:

  • 25% scholarship off tuition for students starting on January 26, 2023*
  • Meet virtually Tuesdays from 6-10pm EST
  • Industry expert instructors
  • Academic support you need to excel
  • Small class size to promote collaboration

Seats are limited to students nationwide.

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