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COVID 19 Specific Resources

    • Planning for a Unique New School Year - the start of the 2020-2021 school year will be like none other. This panel presentation will include perspectives from K-12 administrators, teachers, and school counselors and focus on trauma-informed strategies and techniques for preparing for the new school year.
      On Demand:  New Year 
    • Talks for Good: Online and Hybrid Instruction: Preparing K-12 Educators for the Upcoming Academic Year - the panel discussion will explore issues and challenges facing teachers and administrators this fall, how to provide effective instruction in online and hybrid learning environments, best practices for delivering online content to K–12 students, and free resources that teachers can immediately apply in their classrooms.
      On Demand: Talks for Good

Walden’s New Essential Resources Site

    • It provides articles, webinars, and courses on topics such as self-care, finances, online learning, and more. Whether you’re working on the front lines, an educator adapting the digital classroom, or someone who’s working from home for the first time, these resources can help.
      Visit: Essential Resources site

Grand Canyon University has an exciting new program available online with a one night per week, virtual classroom! Earn your master’s degree in mathematics for higher education and study analysis, algebra, mathematical modeling, technology as a practical application and adult learning theory.

In addition to teaching at universities and colleges, graduates can teach at vocational schools or work in educational research.

This unique program includes:

  • 25% scholarship off tuition for students starting on January 26, 2023*
  • Meet virtually Tuesdays from 6-10pm EST
  • Industry expert instructors
  • Academic support you need to excel
  • Small class size to promote collaboration

Seats are limited to students nationwide.

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