Research Approval Process with TABSE Members

Texas Alliance of Black School Educators (TABSE) mandates that principal investigators (PIs) obtain approval before conducting any research or data collection involving TABSE members. This includes a variety of research methods such as experiments, surveys, interviews, questionnaires, or observations of behavior.

Approval Steps:

  1. Submit a Request: Regardless of the nature of the research, a formal request must be submitted for approval.
  2. Approval Entities:
    • TABSE President and or TABSE President-Elect
    • Higher Education and Research Commission Chair
    • Investigator(s)' Institutional Review Board (IRB)/Human Research Chair
  3. Obtain Consent: Approval from the mentioned entities is required before the research can officially commence.

This process ensures ethical considerations and alignment with TABSE's guidelines. For any inquiries or to initiate the approval process, please contact Dr. Brian Matthews, TABSE Higher-Ed and Research Chair [email protected]

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