Mr. Don Jackson has been the superintendent at Grapeland ISD since July 2017. Prior to being named superintendent he was an elementary principal for 10 years and a high school principal for 2 years. He also enjoyed being a head basketball coach for 10 years. Mr. Jackson received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Stephen F. Austin State University. He began his career as a teacher and coach in Woodville ISD. After becoming an administrator, he held administrative positions in Woodville ISD, Grapeland ISD, and Lufkin ISD.

Mr. Jackson is active in the community and strives to positively make an impact on his students, staff and stakeholders. He prides himself on adding value to others lives with intensity, integrity and influence. He is connected to the school by constantly being visible, available, approachable and accessible to staff and students. He loves to inspire others by speaking to them about turning obstacles into opportunities and maximizing their potential.

Mr. Jackson was just recently named Life Changer of the Year by National Life Group for his service to education, but his greatest achievement is his 32 years of marriage to his wife Darlene and his 3 children, Kristen, Landon, Kara and grandbaby Laylah. Now, after 30 plus years as educator, He uses his platform as superintendent to influence students and staff members to strive to thrive. He is on a mission with a message of inspiration, motivation on the importance of getting an education that allows one to have choices and opportunities.

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