At the request of Dr. McFarland, a Dr. J. Cummings Demonstration Schools Conference Committee was formed and introduced at the HAABSE Teacher of the Year Banquet in February 2014. The committee has been charged with restoring Dr. J. Cummings work which used a rigorous criteria to identify schools to be honored at the NABSE conference as Demonstration Schools. The committee will be focusing on Texas schools and after identifying Demonstration Schools will organize a conferences which will be part of the 2015 TABSE Conference. Demonstration Schools will showcase the best practices that have made them worthy of the honor of being identified as a Demonstration School.

At this time, the committee is working to finalize the criteria, gather information about schools that may meet the criteria, and plan the logistics of the Demonstrations School Conference strand at TABSE. The hope is that this will draw even more participants to the already well attended TABSE conference in February. The committee has met with Dr. J. Cummings in an effort to make sure that he is proud of this second phase of his vision and hard work.


 Applications will be going out soon. If you would like more information regarding the conferences or have a school that you would like to be invited to apply, please contact one of the following committee members:

Dr. Troy Hill –

Dr. Walter Jackson –

Dr. Kwabenah Mensah –

Rhonda Mason –

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